Handling a Commercial Plumbing Problem


Plumbing emergencies can happen when you least expect it. Human error is understandable, but what do you do about structural problems? In the case of an emergency you need a professional, and Emergency Plumbing Service is there for you. If you find yourself in an unexpected situation, knowing these 5 tips can ultimately help you handle your problem.

  1. Alert management РIf you were to find a busted pipe, or happen onto a flood, notify management right away. The faster you let management know there is a problem, the faster someone from Emergency Plumbing can be out to fix your problem.
  2. If it is possible, you should turn off your water valve – Shutting your water off will stop the water from flowing, which ultimately helps in solving your problem.
  3. Have an emergency plan prepared – By putting someone in charge of handling certain situations, like clearing the area or calling Emergency Plumbing, you can make it run more smoothly.
  4. Appreciate your customers – If an emergency comes up while customers are there, apologize. Make sure they know you are doing all you can to do fix the problem. You could even offer them extra service. Do not just blow them off.
  5. Document – Taking pictures of what happened will help if the insurance company gets involved. In that case, they will want to see evidence and because you documented what happened, you will be prepared.