Is Becoming a Licensed Plumber Worth it?

An occupation in plumbing has many advantages, such as – possibly becoming a career for life, plumbing is always in demand, and it’s one of the fastest growing occupations in the U.S.

If you want to be seen as a good candidate to plumbing companies, it is essential that you obtain your plumbing license. While having a license is a requirement in most states, it does not mean they always honor this requirement. Even though the plumbing company may not honor this requirement, working without a license/permit is a big liability.

The following are three advantages to having your plumbing license:

It speaks to the skills you have

Having a license gives the employer and customer a sense of confidence in your capabilities. From their perspective, because you have a license, you’re able to handle most/all plumbing problems that may occur.

You’re able to make more money

It’s common for licensed plumbers to make more than unlicensed plumbers. Actually, depending on experience, licensed plumbers can make up to six figures.

You stand out from the rest of the plumbing community

The more you know, the more you stand out from the rest. The more you stand out, the more interested employers become.